Monday, 27 August 2012

There is Love.

I gently ask your name,
As we rest in beaded corner
We are bruised and shaken
Like small boats in a storm
 You are the bitter winter
Lost to the velvet night
Eyes like a vacant throne,
I breathe, 'My Precious'
I see the wall of pain your nightmares build around you
And in the dark a guardian angel walks beside you
And when his wings unfold
There is love.

We collide and mix like sand and water
Lost in grief's embrace
You are the brittle twigs of Winter's hangover
A dying star, a handsome gargoyle
I find you trembling in jewel encrusted corners
I hold you frozen hand
And whisper, 'My Precious'
I see the wall of flames as Heaven falls around you
And bathed in light an angel wraps his arms around you,
And when his wings unfold
There is Love. 

            We are the Alpha and the Omega
We hold the dusk and bring the dawn
With every twisted step
We breathe together
Entwined, we are the Earth
We are the sky
We know each others hearts
Like a favourite song
We whisper, 'Precious'
I see the destruction that in this prison binds you
And in your darkest hour an angel walks behind you
And when his wings unfold,
There is Love.