Monday, 28 May 2012


Of Life and Love and everything we hold so dear
The dreams of Youth, Of a future never clear
Of wild summer nights
The haziness of holding beer
And dancing to the beat of a drum held so near but yet so far:
All these things, and more 
We must cherish as the time does fly
Being young and foolish
We do live so high. 



Steal away under cover of darkness

Like a missile into my dreams

Under my skins

Remind me of what I was not
What I cannot
And will never be

Like spikes on your back

Stop Thief

Like a palace of ice cold stone statues

Like vines crushing my throat
To stop my voice

Like the wildness in you

At my soul
Humility and kindness could kill you



For My Resurrection





Friday, 25 May 2012


Younger is running in the wildest of freedoms, she said,

Not knowing rotten, crumbling adult prisons yet

Wrapped in glee- soaked joyous towels,

Natural beauties bound towards sunlit, open halls

of shrieking laughter in the week,

Light candles in fuzzy, lipsticked delight

Dressed and powdered, obeying weekend nights

To squeal in hazy perfumes stupor 

Of boys and their hands and ways

Of kissing on quiet, drizzled streets at closing time

Aftershave sting of nostrils and rose stained blush of cheeks

Toasty mornings crush of The Olders glance and reminiscent smile

Youngers unselfconscious dance,

Her budding curves snuggled in bravest dress

Fifteenth birthday silver clasp 

and showcase growing breasts

Polished nails reflecting glowing eyes and Mothers cocktail ring 

adorns and glitters.

Heaven's Trip

Heaven's trip for one unholy night

Unnatural sight to eyes shut tight

the buzz of touch to frozen limbs

Release sharpest air to breathe within

A fire burns, to pulse beneath the skin

This energy, a new life brings

The sweetest hours between light and dark 

The softest hold on flesh does see

the wildest dreams imagined

Then sweetness diluted in muffled, pleasured scream

Minds vibrate, united in desire 

Lovers nightmare acid dream

We are not Strangers

We are not strangers

We are old friends, Lovers. twin souls:
Reunited after a thousand years

We do not say hello
We say 'Where have you been? I've been waiting for you.'

You offer me your forehead
I kiss the scar above your right eyebrow

You close your eyes, and smile
We catch up on a million tales

A million Yesses
A million Nos

We kiss as if we kissed only yesterday
With the murmurs of an eternity of loneliness
Stars colliding in a sudden burst of joy

We are a beautiful accident
A disaster of the sweetest kind
We are not strangers. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Two Skulls

Two skulls went for a coffee one day
Enjoying the cold and the rain
and chatting away

'Tis no wonder we never meet other skulls
as being a skull is really quite dull,
weary and dreary not cheery just bleary
Bleak and Black

Skulls have no reputation for being jovial
Affable, amendable, commendable 
Nor dependable

We often remind of corpses, of Death
Of coffins, of those who no longer draw breath
The skull ambassador will have to stretch far
To find someone willing to work Skull PR! 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Suit Sonnet

I love a man in a tight velvet suit,

Your velvet- clad arms to live and die in:

Your soft, cushioned felt purse lips to squash into mine,

Oyster silk- shirt skin to find underneath

In the crushed velvet cape dark

Of restlessness  (red lace ) and frantic heartbeats (thudding silver studs)

We clash and fold like red on hot pink, 

 Oops! Our tragic drunken Camden market mistake- buy

You are a vintage leather jacket,

Worn and battered, soft to the touch and a smell made for breathing in,

You are tight cord flares to unbuckle and unzip

To pull down over seventies cheesecloth hips, and find… a bargain.