Friday, 25 May 2012


Younger is running in the wildest of freedoms, she said,

Not knowing rotten, crumbling adult prisons yet

Wrapped in glee- soaked joyous towels,

Natural beauties bound towards sunlit, open halls

of shrieking laughter in the week,

Light candles in fuzzy, lipsticked delight

Dressed and powdered, obeying weekend nights

To squeal in hazy perfumes stupor 

Of boys and their hands and ways

Of kissing on quiet, drizzled streets at closing time

Aftershave sting of nostrils and rose stained blush of cheeks

Toasty mornings crush of The Olders glance and reminiscent smile

Youngers unselfconscious dance,

Her budding curves snuggled in bravest dress

Fifteenth birthday silver clasp 

and showcase growing breasts

Polished nails reflecting glowing eyes and Mothers cocktail ring 

adorns and glitters.

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